How to Use Facebook Ads to Find Lots Of Paying Customers

How to Use Facebook Ads to Find Lots Of Paying Customers

Google Ads used to be king. It's how Amazon became as big they are today. They were the first to buy cheap attention.
Then, everyone started using Google Ads.
Now, cost-per-clicks (CPC) are too expensive for most businesses.
What if you could take advantage of a new platform to buy cheap attention like Amazon did?
Well I have good news for you... you can!
Enter: Facebook ads.
Most people assume Facebook ads won't work in their industry. Some common excuses:
"It won't work for business-to-business"
"My products aren't high-ticket enough for it to be worth it"
"I tried it once, didn't see good results. The platform doesn't work."
Well in this course, I'm about to myth-bust all of these and then some.
However, like Google Ads, Facebook ads will get too expensive to be worth it eventually.
Nothing this good lasts forever.
That's why it's key you enroll in this course today and get this information while it's still hot.
I can't guarantee amazing results forever.
But if you act now, I can guarantee great results that exceed any other channel of marketing you currently use.
By the end of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Create custom, strategic audiences you can use to deliver Facebook ads to
  • Understand how Facebook Business/Ad Manager work
  • Use ad sets correctly so you get accurate data
  • Coming up with creative ad copy that captures attention and engages the viewer
  • Display retargeting ads to users who visit your website or interact with your ad but don't submit their information or make a purchase
  • How to identify potential clients and how to produce a high quality proposal video to earn their business
This course will be the best investment you've ever made into yourself and your career.
  • Access to an exclusive Wills Creative Students Facebook group
  • Peer reviews on your proposal videos and Facebook campaigns
  • On-going support via the Q&A section
You WILL be a Facebook ads KING/QUEEN after completing this course!
Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners to Facebook ads
  • People who've tried Facebook Ads but haven't made profitable campaigns
  • Business owners wanting to learn how to effectively market their products or services on Facebook with ads
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start their own digital marketing agency and work from home
  • Freelancers looking to improve their digital marketing skillset
  • Shopify store owners looking to get more sales

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