Learn and Understand Regular Expression - with Examples

Learn and Understand Regular Expression - with Examples

Welcome to "Learn and Understand Regular Expression(REGEX) - with Examples" course
This is a course of regular expressions(REGEX). When I start leaning regular expression I found it really difficult to understand. I think regular expression is a pain for beginners. I'm apologies that and designed a course to help you out. If you are not understanding regular expressions(scratching your head) then just enroll this course and see how easy it is.
You are going to be learn:
Introduction to regular expressions
Literal characters, flag modifiers, dot metacharacter, anchors, escaping metacharacters and word boundaries
Character Classes
Character classes, negate character classes, shorthands character classes
Plus (+) quantifiers, asterisk (*) quantifiers, controlling repetitions, greediness and laziness
Grouping and Backreferencing
Grouping, capturing and backreferencing, non capturing group, alternation and nested alternation
Lookaround - lookahead and lookbehind
Lookaround and assertions, positive lookahead, negative lookahead, positive lookbehind and negative lookbehind
Solving real world problems in PHP using REGEX
Username validation, email validation, password validation, coupon code ,date validation, zip code validation

You nothings to lose because 30 days money back guarantee.

See you inside!
Who this course is for:
  • Who wants to learn regular expressions clearly
  • Who has frustrated to learn regular expressions
  • Students looking for a simple way to learn regular expressions

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