Learn Complete PEGA Developer Course for Beginners to Expert

Learn Complete PEGA Developer Course for Beginners to Expert

Pega is an unified platform to build faster enterprise applications, that saves money and increase the ROI for the companies using this platform.There is a huge demand for PEGA developers, it is necessary to understand the Job duties / responsibilities required to become a Pega Developer. What one must know to become a PEGA developer.
  • As a PEGA Developer you must be able to develop enterprise level applications.
  • Good knowledge about Agile and Scrum Methodology
  • Strong experience and knowledge about OOPS concepts
  • Technologies such J2EE, JSP,EJB,Xml and Java
  • Must be Well-versed in PRPC (Pega Rules Process commander )
  • Must have knowledge and experience in working with Agile Methodology
  • Ability to work with SCRUM/Pega Smart
  • SOAP, PL/SQL are important and having knowledge of Oracle is a plus
  • Ability to code and it is good when you are proficient in these following languages like Java, Jquery, Angular JS etc
  • Its good to know these tools Visio, UML and Excel.
  • Knowing Web Technologies such as HTML, XML, must be strong in JavaScript, XHTML, CSS is a plus
These are the following Job responsibilities to become a PEGA developer
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn PEGA Application development

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