off 100% Goods and Service Tax in India : A Brief Introduction.

off 100% Goods and Service Tax in India : A Brief Introduction.

The Goods & Service Tax Act  came into effect from 1st July, 2017 in India and is one of the largest Tax reforms in India which subsumed many of the indirect taxes into a single tax.The GST Act have been successfully implemented in India since 2017 and a large number of organisations have been registered under the GST regime.
The implementation of GST has brought a good impact on the Indian business environment and is expected to create new employment opportunities. Given , GST is a new law, there is a huge demand of GST professionals in the job market.
Given the high demand of workforce, we have created this course on GST in India keeping in mind the current Industry requirements. This course have been developed by professionals having expert knowledge of GST in India. Unlike traditional teaching method, our courses have been designed in a modern, student friendly manner.
We have simplified the complex laws, provisions and rules with the help of charts, graphs and smart art objects. We have also included examples, quizzes and downloadable resources so as to enable the students to gain a practical insight into GST. Also, we have minimized the boring theory portion so as to make learning more interesting.
The Unique features of this course are:
- Small, concise, brief and to the point lectures.
- Use of graphs, charts, illustrations for easy learning
- Downloadable PDFs, quizzes and other files
- Practical examples
- Simple and easy explanation of complex laws.
So, go forward and enroll in this course and get ready to get hired to your dream job or promoted in your current job.We promise you a good learning experience and a value for your money.
Wishing you all the very best!!!!
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to get an idea of GST in India
  • Students or Graduates looking for job or promotion
  • People who want to gain an insight of Indirect taxes in India
  • Small Entrepreneurs, Businessman or firms who want to get an idea of GST for their business
  • People Working in Accounting, Finance or Taxation industry
  • This is an intermediate level Course and is NOT for Professionals or students seeking advanced knowledge

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