Software E3.series for Electrical Engineering | Design

Software E3.series for Electrical Engineering | Design

This course with provide you with the basic knowledge of E3.series software, used by companies like BMW, Fiat, ABB, Alston and many more.
Throughout the classes, you will develop basic know-how of E3.series's most used features applied to electrical projects, and see for yourself how the software simplifies tasks such as:
  • How to create an electrical diagram/schematic;
  • Types of connections available and how to use them;
  • PLC input/output management;
  • Creation and documentation of terminal blocks;
  • Creating and editing automatic reports like Bill of Materials and 'from-to' connections list;
  • What are symbols and how to create them;
  • How to create components;
  • Creation and setup of the 3D electrical-panel structure.
  • 3D Panel assembly and Automatic Routing of the panel cables (in one click!)
...and more!
Who this course is for:
  • Users interested in testing and/or implementing E3series software
  • Electrical project designers that wish to use a tool specialized for electrical projects and industrial automation
  • Electrical Designers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineering Director
  • Electrical Engineering Technician

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