Basic Chinese ABC for ZERO Beginners - You can begin to talk

Basic Chinese ABC for ZERO Beginners - You can begin to talk

Basic Chinese ABC for Zero Beginners
Basic Chinese ABC for Zero Beginners is an introductory courses customize designed for foreigner to learn mandarin, suitable for ZERO beginners.
This is the KEY to a series Chinese Courses: "Learn Chinese with David (LCWD)", which is a product of many years painstaking labour carried out with the passion and devotion to the cause of Chinese Teaching by David, proven to be possible the Best course in YouTube.
Many Zero beginners who want study mandarin Chinese but don't know how or scared by the Chinese Characters. From David Yao's past 20 years mandarin teaching experience, he is very glad to take the challenge to present you a short course which will:
-to prove Chinese is such an easy and straight forward language.
-to show the beauty of this ancient language which still in full vigour in current days
-to nurturing your interest to experience more on Chinese learning journey.
-to open a window show you the true Chinese Culture.
-to enrich your life and bring the youth to your brain as Chinese will train your brain in different area.
At the end of this 90 minutes course, you will:
- be able to speak out 100 sentences.
- have a big picture of Chinese language.
- learn that Chinese is a LEGOOOO game
- know the trick part of Chinese.
- know the nice part of Chinese.
- know the Pinyin (Pronunciation System)
-know the secrets how the Chinese characters were created
-to learn Chinese Strokes Chinese Characters are made of Strokes, there is NO Alphabet                             
-to learn Basic Seven Rules of Chinese Stroke Orders     
-to know how many Chinese Characters, For You or For All           
-know the basic Grammar (maybe no Grammar in certain senses)
-have the survival language skills in China.
Who this course is for:
  • Adult zero beginner
  • Have 5 hours time to study

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