Excel Charts - Data Visualization with Excel Graphs & Charts

Excel Charts - Data Visualization with Excel Graphs & Charts

These online tutorials are indeed self-paced and one can easily make way and learn business intelligence and understand the importance of data trending and create valuable data visualizations. 
The training will include Database introduction,Types of process flow,Types of charts in its introduction followed by Pictures,Icons,Screen shots,Venn diagrams illustrations. Then we will cover the smart art topics like List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid, Pivots & filter, Table, Graph, Slicers & timelines. We will cover a lots of charts in this course such as Column & bar chart, Line & area graph, Pie & doughnut, Hierarchy chart, Statistical graph, Scatter plot, Water fall & stock charts, Combo charts, Radar chart, Speedometer, Maps, Thermometer, Mosaic & mekko charts,  Sparklines, Line, Column,Win/loss.
The course is ideal for anyone interested in deeper knowledge in Excel. This course can be taken by experts too.
Who this course is for:
  • Commerce students
  • Students from the business administration
  • Working professionals who go through the hectic working schedule of same repetitive work every day
  • Anyone who wants to learn excel charts and smartart

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