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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

From Android to iOS - from Swift to Kotlin

From Android to iOS - from Swift to Kotlin

  • You need a Mac or a computer with MacOS to develop the application for iOS with xCode; for the rest of the course you can use your computer with Windows or Linux.
  • It is not necessary to have a phone or tablet with iOS and / or Android; We are going to use the simulators of each platform.
  • This course will receive constant updates to give more content for free to further enhance what is taught in it and learn new things.
  • The main objective of this course is to be a free and supportive extension of the full course of Learn to create apps on Android and iOS with a PHP RestAPI available on this platform.
  • This course, like all my courses, will be updated periodically every week or fifteen days with new exercises and challenges for you.
  • The course is done if you are a beginner so you can see the Android section first and then the iOS section since in the Android section we reinforce with Kotlin whose knowledge we can "migrate" to a certain extent to Swift.
In this course we will learn:
  1. To create your first applications for Android and iOS with the official development environments Android Studio and Xcode respectively and native.
  2. Short exercises in which several times translate into short applications.

In this course you will see sections that correspond to a review or introduction to the basics in Swift and Kotlin, which are the official programming languages ​​for these platforms.
In this course you will learn to create the main graphic interface elements in a basic way and to give them functionality in a basic way.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who want to learn to program in mobile environments
  • Those who want to learn to program on Android and / or iOS
  • Those who want to learn to program natively for mobile operating systems

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