Online Reputation Management for Personal Brands

Online Reputation Management for Personal Brands

Do you want to learn online reputation management (ORM)? 
Online reputation management is one of the most underserved niches in the marketing realm. The online reputation management that exists today in terms of services and software is also geared towards businesses and corporations. Most people are not qualified to provide online reputation management services for themselves or for individuals who want to manage their personal brands.
In this course, I'll teach you everything I know about online reputation management.
Why am I qualified to teach this course? 
I'm a full-service digital marketer specializing in online reputation management. I've helped people repair their online reputations and lead better lives through my Toronto-based digital marketing agency.
Now, it's time for me to teach you everything I know so you can do the same.
What's in the course? 
  • Learn what online reputation management for individuals (ORM) is and how it works
  • Learn about how to outrank negative Google links and push down negative content
  • Learn how to set up brand alerts to notify you about media released about you or your clients
  • Learn how to audit webpages and negative media
  • Learn the fundamentals of journalism and how to remove negative articles
  • Learn basic PR and how to write, then publish a press release
  • Learn how to create solid brand images to sway the way people perceive individuals
If you want to learn online reputation management for personal brands and individuals, this is the course for you! 
Who this course is for:
  • Anybody who wants to fix their personal reputations
  • Digital marketers who want to learn more about ORM and the industry
  • Digital marketers who want to find a marketing niche and are considering ORM
  • Public relations students and professionals
  • Anybody who wants to fix the personal reputation of their clients
  • Politicians and public figures

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