Social Media Images & eBook Cover Design Made Easy

Social Media Images & eBook Cover Design Made Easy

Have you ever created social media images which looked about as share- and likeable as Gill Bate’s black and white prenup?
Are the folks visiting your website constantly drooling and buying … OTHER people’s offer because they have what you don’t?
Photoshop is a wonderful tool for nerdy nerds with too much time.
But if you:
  • hate complicated and expensive software,
  • love fun, non-techy and FREE tools,
  • want to design visually compelling, traffic-driving social media images AND
  • create PDFs and eBooks that people will like, share, subscribe to, buy & put up on their Wall of Online Fame...
I want you to take off your Homely Entrepreneurial Dunce Cap and get naked!
(Just kidding about the last one!)
Hi! I’m Nathalie. Serial online entrepreneur with a mission to help busy bloggers, coaches and small DIY business owners build a unique brand & business with actionable tutorials and fun & free tools.
As a non-graphic designer who HATES Photoshop but LOVES beautiful images, I know the frustration when your social media pages and offers look YUCK.
I also know what it’s like
  1. when you simply CANNOT invest in some fancy and uber-priced expert to help you build your dream business AND 
  2. the ugly guilt creeping over your sedentary body when looking at all these online courses you bought … but never finished because aunt overwhelm threatened to throttle you with her creepy spider fingers!

Are you ready for a class that
  • Will get you professional results QUICKLY & GUARANTEED, even if you’re still wearing a designer onesie?
  • Offers actionable advice with no unnecessary frills just to blow-up course length?
Enroll and let’s build your biz together. 
I look forward to getting to know you on the other side!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to work with PicMonkey
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to work with Canva
  • Online entrepreneurs who want to create their own signature design
  • Anyonw who feels that Photoshop is way to complicated & expensive
  • Anyone who wants to offer compelling PDFs or eBooks
  • Anyone who does NOT want to work with expensive and complicated industry-standard design tools/software but wants to gain insights into how to get things done in a non-traditional way.

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