Email Etiquette : Email Writing Like a Pro

Email Etiquette : Email Writing Like a Pro

In Today's world email writing is most essential skill for team communication, Email is most preferred tool for collaboration and among smallest to biggest of the companies.
Effective email writing is the skill you cannot afford to miss. With this course you will not only learn how to write effective mails with actual examples but also lean the hacks one needs to know to excel in email writing.
There are no prerequisite for this course, anyone can attend and benefit from this course!
Course content :
  • Fundamentals of an email
  • Various methods to write effective email
  • How to reply to an email?
  • How to communicate with team spread across globe
  • How to follow up on mails?
  • Correct ways to setup a meeting
  • Out Of Office mails
  • Tips to enhance email communication
  • How to handle social media apps for communication

Please reach out to us if you have any queries or issue, we will try to resolve it.

Happy Learning!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who uses email for team communication

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