Mastering selling digital Product on Ebay 2019: Tricks&hacks

Mastering selling digital Product on Ebay 2019: Tricks&hacks

This course dedicated to Digital Marketing on ebay plateform will allow you to discover all the basics of issues and strategies related to digital for selling and shipping businesses.

The objective of this course will be to bring you all the first concepts necessary to understand what is digital marketing on ebay, its challenges and solutions to increase your income.

You will discover several key concepts:

- How to find profitable digital product ( especially in this lesson we will talk about softwares)

- The knowledge of getting free keywords and use free tools

- SEO: Rank your listing on ebay using free tools and powerful keywords & tricks which you never heard

- How to list your software on ebay store

- How to deal with your order + shipping + tracking number that you will not find anywhere.

- Free source To download software and crack of any programs you need to use

What are the prerequisites?

- Know how to use the computer tool and internet is the only prerequisite :)

Who is the target audience?

- Student - Independent - Functions or positions involved in digital marketing (no matter the sector)

So ready to start the adventure?
Who this course is for:
  • dropshipper , web marketing
  • All levels

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