Become Google Cloud and AWS Engineer - Combo course

Become Google Cloud and AWS Engineer - Combo course

Follow along as course instructor Mike Naus guides you through the entire Shopify experience that will help you build your very OWN e-commerce store in as little as an hour!

This course is a mini case study to help guide YOU through the entire process to get a site up and running with Shopify. It includes:

  • A walkthrough of the Shopify dashboard
  • How to select and upload products QUICKLY to your store
  • How to change your store’s theme and make it look and feel inviting for your customers
  • Which apps you need to add as a baseline for store functionality
  • And more!

As a beginner the toughest thing to do is to simply get started. With this hands-on course you will be guided exactly where to go and what you need to add to get a store built quickly.

Use your very own Shopify store to help your business grow, make more passive income, and free more of your time!
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Shopify users looking to build a store quickly

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