Social Media Marketing - Free Training For Beginners

Social Media Marketing - Free Training For Beginners

Social Media Marketing Not Working For You?
What if you could actually get social media marketing working for you?
What if you understood the philosophy of social media marketing and the principles you need to apply to get results from it?
Confused By All The Jargon And Conflicting Advice?
Maybe you were told you need to post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, yet you are not getting any results because you have been told to use social tools like Twitter.
When you should have been advised on how to create a strategy or marketing funnel...
A lot of the advice out there is about how to post on social media, which is not social media marketing.
A cat pic does not generate clients...
Did You Know There Was A Hard Way & An Easy Way To Find Clients?
In this course we will explain the differences and show you the easy long term technique that pays dividends in the long run.
You can either go out there and try to broadcast to everyone with little success...
...Or you can position yourself in search by using social media strategically, so that potential clients can find you when they are looking for you!
How Can You Build A Social Following?
There is a simple secret to building a social following and it is revealed in communities and engagement in communities.
By targeting relevant groups of people, your social media marketing will dramatically improve.
What Is Your Social Media Marketing Trying To Achieve?
Is it aligned to your business goals, have you tied it to your high level business objectives?
What is your client trying to buy?
All of these questions need to be asked when creating a social media marketing strategy or online digital marketing strategy.
Have You Built An Online Marketing Funnel?
Without an online marketing funnel, it is next to impossible to create success online.
All the most successful businesses that leverage online marketing to their advantage use marketing funnels, in this course we will explain a simple AIDA marketing funnel which you can apply to your marketing.
What Type Of Content Should You Create?
If you can create useful and relevant content for your target market, then you are one step ahead of most of the competition.
Figuring out what type of content you like to create is also key and something we discuss in this course.
Join Us On The Other Side!
So check out this beginners course as we answer and explain all these points and give you a grounding that will enable you to succeed with your social media marketing!
Who this course is for:
  • This course is a beginners course in the fundamentals of successful social media marketing
  • It is suitable for anyone new to online marketing
  • It is suitable for anyone who is struggling to make an impact with their online marketing
  • This course is not for advanced social media marketing users

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