Learn PowerShell Scripting

Learn PowerShell Scripting

Learn Powershell Scripting training on how to automate your tasks with Windows PowerShell 5.1 and Powershell Core.
PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language built on .NET. PowerShell helps system administrators and power-users rapidly automate tasks that manage operating systems (Linux, macOS, and Windows) and processes.

You will be learning below topics

  • Powershell Training Introduction
  • PowerShell VS Powershell Core
  • The Future of Powershell Core
  • Installing Powershell Core 7
  •  Work with Powershell Console
  • Work with Powershell ISE
  • Powershell Commands
  • Getting help and example from Powershell to write a syntax or commands to discovery
  • Deep Drive of Powershell Help
  • Discovery any commands within Powershell with built-in commandlets
  • Creating simple Functions in PowerShell
  • Setting Script executions policy
  • Working with Powershell Alias, Variables, For each, Objects
  • Working with Data to produce Txt,CSV,XML and HTML reports
  • Creating Basic Scripts to Advanced and expert Level of Scripts
  • Remoting with PowerShell for One machine to One machine  and One machine to Many (Multiple) machines
  • Working with WMI object
  • Working with variables
  • Basic data types
  • Comparison operators
  • Cmdlets (its a PowerShell thing)
  • Aliases
  • Working with objects
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Loops
  • Formatting output
  • Arrays & Hash Tables
  • Saving Data
  • Importing Data
  • Testing commendlets on PowerShell Core
  • Bonus lecture with getting help on your stuck scripts from the forum
End of the Course you should be able to write scripts on your own
Who this course is for:
  • Students who wanted to learn automation with PowerShell
  • System Administrators
  • Network Admins
  • HelpDesk team
  • Solution Architects

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